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Escaping The “Time Trap”

Friday, November 20th, 2015

ethrTime traps, you know them. I can’t take the time to install memory because I have so much to do that five minutes out the window will break me right now. And who knows? If I don’t finish project A today and get started on project B, I won’t finish it tomorrow, and I’ll spend all weekend trying to sort out the mess.

While your brain races forward, you can hear this little voice in the back of your head, the voice of reason that is always so faint, telling you that five minutes now is nothing more than a trip the refrigerator, but it will be worth lions over the next year. Invest now! Enjoy a yearlong payback.

The time trap–once you’re in, you’re in deep, and it’s hard to get out. Let me, if I may, play the little man, the voice of reason, and speak those quiet truths we all know but all too often ignore in the heat of battle. Even escaping the trap for one … Read the rest