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Warming Up Your Winter

Wednesday, November 11th, 2015

Jim grew up in the South. His dad was a coach, so he grew up with baseball, football, and basketball experiences. In high school, he developed a long-distance running habit as well. He did lots of sports–all of which seemed to depend upon sunshine, warm temperature, and generally good weather.

Because of his experience and particular sports orientation, Jim also developed a genuine dislike for winter. This was fine until Jim’s family moved to the Midwest.

Winter Wonders

family-skatingTo his surprise, Jim found the seasonal changes interesting and made a promise to himself to develop a winter sports interest.

After considering a myriad of possibilities, Jim recognized that three winter sports stood out in terms of popularity. They were ice hockey, ice skating, and cross-country skiing. So he decided to analyze each one with respect to its physical fitness demands and benefits, its psychological rewards, and its practical characteristics.

Looking at Fitness Demands

In terms of physical fitness, Jim found that ice hockey and cross-country skiing were more demanding than … Read the rest