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It’s Presentation Time: You Ready?

Sunday, December 13th, 2015

ipyrPresentation graphics software has evolved to the stage where even a computer novice can create an effective and artistic presentation in a few hours. These programs offer an extensive lineup of charts, tables, text effects, colors, clip art, graphics, and slide transition effects. The presentations they help you to produce can be printed, converted to 35mm slides and overhead transparencies, are run directly from a PC.

A quick ramp-up time is essential to the success of any presentation product, as the typical person who uses such software is usually a first-time buyer looking to perform an overnight miracle. Even those who are familiar with such packages often use them infrequently: Unlike your word processor or spreadsheet, presentation software is not something you use every day, so getting up to speed quickly is to success. Consequently, these programs are designed to be straightforward and inviting. They offer outlines and templates, consistent background opinions for charts and graphs, and thumbnail views of your presentation. Tutorials and advisers supply detailed information about each … Read the rest

Self Assessment: How Strong Is Your Business?

Tuesday, December 8th, 2015

hsiybWhat is success? And how will you know if you are there? That’s more than a philosophical question–it’s one we entrepreneurial types grapple with regularly. Sometimes we struggle emotionally, as when we worry that the energy used building our businesses would have been better spent hunting for a real job. More often, our questions are practical: Am I making enough to justify hiring an assistant? Will my business qualify for a bank loan? Can I afford a new laptop? Am I on track here?


Self-assessment is a crucial part of management, as well as startup market research tools, regardless of the size of the business. Unless you know how you’re doing, you really don’t know what to do next. Realistic financial self-appraisal makes for (more…)

Escaping The “Time Trap”

Friday, November 20th, 2015

ethrTime traps, you know them. I can’t take the time to install memory because I have so much to do that five minutes out the window will break me right now. And who knows? If I don’t finish project A today and get started on project B, I won’t finish it tomorrow, and I’ll spend all weekend trying to sort out the mess.

While your brain races forward, you can hear this little voice in the back of your head, the voice of reason that is always so faint, telling you that five minutes now is nothing more than a trip the refrigerator, but it will be worth lions over the next year. Invest now! Enjoy a yearlong payback.

The time trap–once you’re in, you’re in deep, and it’s hard to get out. Let me, if I may, play the little man, the voice of reason, and speak those quiet truths we all know but all too often ignore in the heat of battle. Even escaping the trap for one … Read the rest

Harvey MacKay Talks Business and Sharks

Friday, November 13th, 2015

hmtbWhen we last interviewed Mackay four years ago, the economy was still growing, home offices were starting to come into their own, and he was finishing his second book.

Since then, the economy has fallen on its face, the number of home offices has grown explosively, and Mackay has completed his third book, Sharkproof. These are not isolated events. As Mackay puts it, “While the Fortune 500 companies were losing 4.1 million jobs in the ’80s, small businesses created 1.5 million jobs in the last two years alone. It’s what saved this country.”

While Sharkproof is primarily about getting and keeping a job in today’s sluggish economy, Mackay has plenty of advice for those who want to create their own jobs by starting their own businesses (also see accompanying excerpt from Sharkproof).

No matter what Harvey Mackay has done, from being an envelope salesman to owning an envelope manufacturing company to writing best-selling books, he has always relied on one principle: Do your homework. As a salesman, he located prospective … Read the rest

Bank Smart, Or Find Yourself Broke

Saturday, November 7th, 2015
Don't throw your money away!

Don’t throw your money away!

When I choose a bank, I look small institution–a community bank or a credit union. They typically charge less for loans than large institutions do, pay more interest on savings, and set lower minimum deposits on checking accounts. You get to know the people who work there, which helps a lot when you have a problem, need a loan, or think a particular tee should be waived. If a small bank isn’t available, look for a small branch of a larger bank.

Opening an Account

Don’t wander into a bank like a tourist. Pick up brochures in advance, read them, and then make an appointment to see a banker. At the meeting, explain how much money will flow through your accounts, what services you’ll want, and the kinds of loans you’ll be looking for (bankers love to hear about loans because that’s where they really make their money). Ask what interest rates the bank currently charges for various loans. Get a printed schedule of … Read the rest